The Mission Viejo Farmer’s Market


As aΒ hugeΒ fan of going to different Farmer’s Markets, I was so excited to get the chance to finally go to the one here in Mission Viejo. Β There’s just something so enjoyable about walking around picking out your own fresh produce knowing that you’re helping a local farmer and not the billion dollar industries packed with pesticides and chemicals (and etc) that you’d get buying the bulk of your produce from your basic grocery chain.

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Now OF COURSE I will forever shop at Trader Joes and Ralph’s. But for the smaller things, there’s literally no better feeling than shopping a Farmer’s Market. Plus, for whatever reason, grocery shopping outdoors on a Sunday takes that whole “chore” feeling out of grocery shopping. At least it does for me anyway; lol.

My favorite booth at the market this weekend was a huge fruit and nut set up where you could literally taste every. single. thing. before buying. And let me tell you; it literally turned into a bit of a breakfast buffet for us.

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Has anyone out there ever tried a page tangerine?? We bought an entire bag full, I’d never had one before but they are SO good!

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Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a Merry pre-Christmas week this week!







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