Lessons Learned

  1. It is literally pointless to EVER get a car wash here in Florida. Every single week you get at least one, if not more, natural car washes. A little lesson, that I thoroughly enjoy learning. I absolutely love the rain, if only I could send a little back to California to help with that drought issue!
  2. Get over the fact that the inside of your car will always be filled with sand, and stop apologizing for it. In fact, keep a spare bathing suit in your trunk at all times. When you live in a place surrounded by water, you never know when you’ll accidentally wind up on a beautiful beach.
  3. ALWAYS watch your step while running and your head while walking. Lizards are EVERYWHERE- small, cute little guys, larger ones that will jump from a palm tree leaf onto your head (eeeekk. scariest moment ever.), and of course the iguanas. I truly believe some of which could be classified as medium sized alligators, they’re that BIG.
  4. Damn you Zika. Never leave the house without bug spray (preferably a deet-free, all natural kind, we use the Honest Co. brand).
  5. Sorry Florida, but you have the worst drivers possibly EVER. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to use a blinker to change lanes, let alone change lanes at an appropriate time- i.e not when you have a car right next to you.
  6. You will wait 3+ hours for a soccer game to start due to a weather delay. Thankfully, you will be in a nice warm suite shielded from the rain.
  7. Spin class is so much fun but that seat will absolutely hurt your ass for the following day and a half. Regardless, you’ll go again and again.
  8. Anywhere you go, you could wind up in a torrential downpour, even if you’re on the beach in Naples, FL shelling. Mother Nature doesn’t care that you want to find a sand dollar.
  9. Also during said downpour, you will learn that once again your boyfriend is your hero, as you watch him save a shored sea horse by taking him back out to sea.
  10. You know that thing where if a stoplight is out, the street becomes a 4-way stop and everyone takes turns going? Yea, apparently Florida drivers didn’t learn that in drivers ed. I wish I could upload the video I took, the intersection became a game of frogger. Literally 12 lanes of just people doing whatever they wanted, weaving in between cars to turn left, right, etc. It was madness.
  11. You have the absolute best family and friends who will continually check in on you throughout the 48 hours you’re on hurricane watch. And you will safely get through your first hurricane! (Hurricane Matthew ’16).
  12. You’ll get the flu during Halloween which will just prove to yourself that you are in fact WonderWoman. How I powered through for 2 days of fun with my aunt & uncle is beyond me. But I paid the price with 7 days of bed rest, netflix, lots of NyQuil, lots of ginger ale, and trying to force myself to eat.
  13. The FountainBlue hotel is the absolute best hotel in Miami. The view from the balcony was breath taking.
  14. After running 3 miles, you will watch your boyfriend play Superman and save two baby duckies that fell in a sewage drain and then reunite them with their momma and siblings.
  15. When you forget your ID during your best friend’s bachelorette party, your boyfriend will be the weekend MVP for driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to bring it to you.